Experiments for the book design

As I have to design the book I had to produce some visual enchantments for it. I decided that ink splatters will be the most suited for the black and white design I’m going for. I want to link a little of contemporary with Gothic/vintage theme. Some of these will be used as back grounds of the pages and a front cover, and some will be cropped and pasted as if they are merging from the corners of the illustrations . Hopefully the program that I use (inDesign) will allow me to do this effectively after a couple of tutorials. I suck at Photoshop and this is worryingly similar to it… I am concerned if it will look interesting rather than like a huge mess .

I have also practised some ornaments for decorating the pages with the text. I want to put them at the bottom of paragraphs or stories and some at the corners or along the pages. Scan_20170506.jpg


11 of December 2016- final illustration for Wars and Sawa

I have finally completed yet another piece. It’s getting there although I wish I could work faster.

In this illustration Wars and Sawa are already married and she can finally jump in his arms wrapping herself around him while kissing passionately. Her tail disappeared magically as she married a human, as it happens with every Siren you’d probably ever hear of. They live happily ever after, surrounded by people who respect them. Not long until a large village grew around their house.

In this drawing I have worked with tone rather than putting lines first. I have built the drawing from adding more and more layers, then I have used white ink for the first time and highlighted or adjusted areas that should of been a bit brighter. Then finally in the end I have added outlines to bring out some details. I believe there is an improvement from the last piece I have done for this legend although I don’t think I maintained it as controlled.

Scan_20161211 (6).png