1st Final finally finished

Yes. This bad boy is finally complete and it was a nightmare that definitely taught me some lessons for the future. It is the first time I have worked with a dip pen in such scale and it was messy. Frustrating.  And it payed off.

I have previously exercised mark making with copying Albrecht Durers and Bernie Wrightsons work in my sketchbook. It allowed me to feel confident with the techniques and developed my mark making. I know for sure the illustration could be cleaner, as the texture of a scratched and painted over paper looks rough in different light. This is why for the exhibition I will be scanning the finals in and printing them in high resolution to eliminate the texture of paper.



Business Cards

As I keep ranting, the Final Exhibition is coming fast. All the deadlines are piling up and I am feeling very excited but also very anxious!

On the other hand, my personal Business Cards have arrived and I couldn’t feel prouder! Hopefully giving these out will guarantee some interest for future commissions. I really hope that my work will encourage audience to contact me.


Half way through my last year at Aberystwyth University

First semester almost swiped out the way, only the assessment left on the checklist. With second semester lurking round the corner I thought about sharing another final piece for the Polish Folk Legends Illustration project I have been working on so far. I will carry on developing this project until my final exhibition… and probably carry on after that too.

This piece is an A3 fine-liner stippling where I carried on with my tutors advice and worked with tone rather than lines. It presents 3 brothers from a Slavic tribe, Lech (right) Czech (middle) and Rus (left). They are walking through a thick forest with their people in order to find new land. I wanted to show individual personalities of three men as they are often described in the legends. Lech was kindhearted and joyful, Czech was bright and clever and Rus was described as quiet.

With this illustration I wanted to bring out the importance of the men, by going lighter the closer I come to the figures I made them stand out from the composition. Although i feel like the tone should be darker in certain areas and I should practise more on that in the future. I believe sooner or later i would like to try colour in some areas of the illustration.Scan_20170111 (5).jpg

11 of December 2016- final illustration for Wars and Sawa

I have finally completed yet another piece. It’s getting there although I wish I could work faster.

In this illustration Wars and Sawa are already married and she can finally jump in his arms wrapping herself around him while kissing passionately. Her tail disappeared magically as she married a human, as it happens with every Siren you’d probably ever hear of. They live happily ever after, surrounded by people who respect them. Not long until a large village grew around their house.

In this drawing I have worked with tone rather than putting lines first. I have built the drawing from adding more and more layers, then I have used white ink for the first time and highlighted or adjusted areas that should of been a bit brighter. Then finally in the end I have added outlines to bring out some details. I believe there is an improvement from the last piece I have done for this legend although I don’t think I maintained it as controlled.

Scan_20161211 (6).png