Process of working on the finals

The Final exhibition is coming towards me with real big footsteps now. I have been photographing the process of inking the first final piece for the legend called King Popiel and the Mice Tower. The legend is set in very old times as the previous legends I attempted illustrating.

It is about a King and Queen living in a town called Kruszwica in Poland. They were both really bad rulers and not very liked by their people. All they did is feast, drink and spend money on big parties. One time they got a letter from a family that lived near by, announcing they are coming for a meal. This message really enraged the couple as the visitors were cherished by the people. The queen has plotted a plan of changing everybody into mice during the meal by serving spiked wine.

During the meal, as supposed all guests changed to mice. The King and Queen ran to hide away at the top of the tower. They got attacked by all the mice and died. Since then the tower has its name The Mice Tower.

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The process of completing this piece was somehow still experimental, because I haven’t worked like this before. First, to make it easier for myself and also estimate the lights and shadows, I applied ink washes. I found later that doing so adds more depth together with the darkness of the ink. Compared to my previous way of working with fine-liners the difference in tone is drastic.

Next I started to add mark making here and there. I covered the brick wall first a that was the largest and darkest area. I decided to do dot work on the hog roast and meat as I believe the texture matched the form. Then I proceeded to the fabrics, the texture and folds have come easier for me this time. Then I proceeded to the wood on the table and darkened the brick wall as it seemed too light. I’ve done the Kings clothes before I moved on to sketching the planes of the faces. I have left the faces last as I find them most challenging so to make sure they are as accurate as possible I take my time working the tone around first.

The mark making has developed as I don’t use cross hatching as often as before and instead I follow the flow of the form and thicken the line where necessary. This creates much more variety and seems more genuine.


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I am an artist that currently studies in Aberystwyth, broadening my knowledge towards Painting and Illustration. I was born in Poland and therefore I like my works to be linked to my heritage, memories and experience where I explore my own imagination in different ways. I still have no idea of what exactly it is that I would like my art to be directed at, but I know that I enjoy producing works that have a true meaning and a link to nature, beauty but also imperfections. This comes from my self experience of always being judged on who I am, where I’m from and what I look like, where all people that I have come across with, no matter what they thought of me they did always appreciate my art. Thus my self worth has been increasing and my confidence of exploring varieties of styles other than just sketching from my imagination was extended. At this moment studying in Aberystwyth have opened me to start planning out my works and listen to my intuition that, so far, has never disappointed me. I want to develop my own style to the point of being able to create anything I could ever imagine.

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